Statue de Jacques Balmat et Michel-Gabriel Paccard à Chamonix


Chamonix Mont-Blanc & the valley


  • In 1741, the first English tourists discovered Chamonix, their enthusiastic account of their visit to the Mer de Glace was published in numerous London and European literary journals. The voyages to the foot of the Mt-Blanc was launched.
  •  In 1760, the Swiss naturalist Horace Benedict de Saussure went on a trip to Chamonix and climbed up to the Brévent where he discovered the Mont-Blanc. He promised to pay a large sum of money to the first person who could show him "the way" to get there. He wanted to make a numerous physical experiences.
  •  Finally on the 8th August 1786, Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard tread forthe first time the roof of Europe. It was the start of a great mountain adventure:
    •  The scientists, de Saussure, Vallot, Janssen, Pasteur..., each succeeded, soon followed by numerous personalities who spread around the notorious Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc, roof of Europe.
    •  The writers and poets - George Sand, Victor Hugo or Duhamel
    •  the aristocrats - Albert 1st King of Belgium, Napoléon III and the Empress or the  President Fallières ...
  •  To lead all the visiters on the mountain, the locals grouped together, from 1821 within the Guide company.
  •  In January 1924, the first Winter Olympic Games were organised in Chamonix, offering winter sports an extraordinary promotion.
    Ski-ing could join climbing to make Chamonix the world capital in this area.