• glacier des bossons

    Le glacier des Bossons

    As you enter Chamonix you can't not impressed by the Bossons Glacier, «The bigest ice fall in Europe

  • Mer de Glace

    La Mer de Glace

    Known throughout the world for more than 250 years, the great “frozen river” attracts, today as yesterday, thousands of visitors each year.

  • glacier chamonix

    Le glacier de Taconnaz

    The Taconnaz glacier joins his big brother, The Bossons glacier, joining at "La Jonction", the big Mont-Blanc glacier. It is here where  Jacques Balmat found, in 1786, the route to the Mont Blanc.

  • glacier chamonix

    Le glacier d'Argentière

    Begining in the beautiful circus that is Argentière, this glacier has been the centre of a lot of interest. Touristically it offers beautiful views of falling ice avalanches. Scientifically, because the glaciologists regulary work in the glacier bed.

  • glacier du tour

    Le glacier du Tour

    The glacier is suspended above the hamlet of Le Tour.